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Vegetarian Update: More Protein Needed May 2, 2012

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Last week one of our homework assignments for my birth class was to keep track of everything I eat, how many grams of protein I eat, and how much water I drink. It was a really informative assignment because I’ve wondered for a while if I’m getting enough protein.

First, I was happy about the things I’m doing right. Turns out that Arnold’s whole grain breads have tons of protein, so go us for spending a little more on the all-natural rather than the generic store brand wheat. I was also delighted to find that a Philly soft pretzel is also packed with protein – half a regular salted pretzel has 7 grams of protein! And of course if I’m buying one I always eat the whole thing. This made me feel a lot better about one of my favorite guilty splurges. Overall it was no problem to get the 70-80 grams of protein per day that’s recommended for pregnant women. And I typically drink 70-80 ounces of water per day: I have an 18 oz. Klean Kanteen that I just always carry in my purse all the time, and when I actually kept track of how often I completely drain and refill it, it turns out that I drink the whole bottle at least three, usually four times a day. Good stuff.

Of course we had to make some diet improvements too. We had switched from dairy milk completely to almond milk, but it turns out that cow milk naturally has more protein, so milk’s coming back to my cereal bowl and we’ll be a double-milk household again. No big deal. Almond milk’s great for cereal, but dairy’s fine too, and I like dairy milk better than almond milk in my Earl Grey anyway.

I’d already been eating one hard-boiled egg with lunch every day. The nutritional guidelines they gave us in class suggest that pregnant women should have two eggs a day. That’s an easy fix – we’re already boiling the eggs, we’ll just boil more and I’ll have one with breakfast and one with lunch. We made this change immediately at the beginning of the week and it resulted in me being able to hit the target 70-80 grams of protein pretty easily. And once we were keeping track and looked at the protein I eat in a normal breakfast with cereal and a smoothie, breakfast clearly stood out as the lowest protein meal of my day. I definitely need to up my intake there anyway, so it’s a natural fit. But this child is really going to love eggs.


Quote of the Day: Yearning for the Full Moon of Autumn May 1, 2012

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Here’s a quote for today:

“Those whom summer’s heat tortures yearn for the full moon of autumn without even fearing the idea that a hundred days of their life will then have passed forever.”

– Buddha Shakyamuni, quoted in Mathieu Ricard’s Happiness, page 227

I love this quote because it’s so relatable: we all have a favorite season and a least favorite. Personally, I don’t like winter. I’m the kind of person who’s always cold, so in winter I have to wear layers and layers of clothes. My skin gets dry and itchy, especially with scratchy sweaters piled on, and I feel very uncomfortable most of the time. In winter we also get a lot less daylight, and that strongly affects my mood. I much prefer summer, when my skin can be out and about, unrestricted in the warm air, and there’s plenty of daylight to go around! But this quote reminds me to appreciate every day of my life, even in the winter; the seasons will come and go, but my life is finite, and I only have so many winters to enjoy. I don’t want to spend a whole season feeling grumpy and sad – it’s just not a good use of my time. So in winter I try to find the things that I do enjoy and appreciate: hot chocolate, freshly made soup, fuzzy socks, curling up with a blanket and a good book. I love the holidays, too, and in the region where I live, it’s not possible to get to Christmas without having some winter along the way.

On the surface, this quote is just about seasons and weather, but really it can be about anything that “tortures” you, making you yearn for something else. An illness, a job you don’t like, or a bad living situation can all represent seasons in a person’s life, difficult to get through. It can be tempting to think, Once this is over, then I’ll really be happy! Then we regain our health, find a new job, move to a new home, and something else becomes our challenge, and we defer our happiness again. This quote reminds me that the time to be happy is right now, regardless of what else may be happening. When we’re ill, there are still many joys we can appreciate even if we don’t feel well enough to do what we used to do. When we’re stuck in a crappy job, there are always plenty of things happening away from the office that fulfill us. Finding ways to enjoy where we are right now, even if it’s not ideal, will make us happier in our day-to-day lives, and when we feel more fulfilled in ourselves, we have more to give to the people around us as well. Don’t let a hundred days or even one day of your one precious life slip past you!