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Random Yoga Tips of the Day March 21, 2011

Filed under: Miscellaneous,yoga lifestyle,yoga philosophy — R. H. Ward @ 8:43 pm
  1. If you find that not just your hands and feet but, well, everything sticks to your yoga sticky mat, try using a regular ol’ lint roller to remove the excess gunk!
  2. Keep in mind that some gunk – for example, dog hair – is infinite, and no matter how vigorously or lengthily you lint-roll, you will never get it all.  It’s good to do your best, and then practice letting go of results.

Clearly I need to practice the art of non-attachment (and so does my mat, really, but I think I stand a better chance of attaining it, since the mat has the excuse of being sticky).

(This post brought to you by Blue and Linus, East Eagle’s yoga dogs, with whom I spent much of the weekend, and by the studio’s low-pile carpet.)


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