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Hip-centric Sequence October 13, 2011

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One of the students in my little yoga class has tight hips despite a lot of flexibility elsewhere, so I came up with this sequence to challenge that student a bit. (And then, of course, he got stuck at work and couldn’t make it to class, but we went ahead and did the sequence anyway last night, and I liked it well enough that I’ll pull it out again later!)

  • child’s pose
  • cat/cow and curving side stretches
  • down dog
  • down dog twist
  • 5 half salutes
  • 2 full sun salutations (first time, regular high/low lunge; second time with lunge twist)
  • standing sequence:
    • warrior 1
    • warrior 2
    • radiant warrior
    • triangle pose
    • half moon
    • wide-legged standing forward bend
    • goddess pose
  • standing sequence other side
  • tree pose
  • seated poses:
    • squat
    • cradle
    • cobbler
    • forward bend
    • seated twist
    • pigeon
  • bridge pose
  • savasana

I particularly loved doing goddess pose last night. It was fun to teach, and it just feels empowering to do. I think I’ll be pulling this out more often!


One Response to “Hip-centric Sequence”

  1. Tori Says:

    One of my favorites is using goddess as a transition in sort of a revolving sun salutation sequence. So, like:
    — Sun salutation facing the front of the mat: at some point, the salute sequence should incorporate warrior 2 (I think you could do it from warrior 1, but 2 feels more natural to me).
    — When in warrior 2 toward the front of the mat, pivot on the feet to goddess pose. Hang out in goddess for desired amount of time.
    — From goddess, pivot on the feet again so you’re in warrior 2 facing the back of the mat. Complete sun salute.
    — To get back to the front of the mat, repeat above steps.

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