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Veg Adventures: Turkey Time November 23, 2011

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In honor of the impending American holiday of feasting, I bring you: A Tasting of Four Meatless “Turkeys” for the Holiday Table. The writer assembled an expert panel of tasters, including vegetarians, devout carnivores, and children, to try four different meatless “turkey” products, and the result is a really interesting review. I’m trying the Quorn product for my Thanksgiving.

My mom keeps asking if I want a vegetable lasagna, and I keep saying, no, get the turkey. Veggie lasagna will be fine for Christmas, but at Thanksgiving, I and everyone else want turkey, and I don’t want to deprive my family of bird meat just because I’m not eating any. I’m sure that whatever meatless bird I end up with will suffer in comparison next to a bird of actual bird origin, especially when they’re placed on the table together, and I suspect my mom wants to save me the disappointment of having to eat some substandard weird non-meat while the rest of the family chows down happily, but to be honest, I never really liked turkey all that much anyway – it’s always been mostly symbolic for me. I always looked forward to the side dishes most of all, even when I was a kid. Last year was the first time I really got into my turkey leftovers because it was the first time we ever found something cool to do with them (turkey pot pies and turkey burritos), so I am a little sad to lose my turkey leftover opportunities just when I’d finally found something I liked. But as long as there’s something vaguely resembling turkey on my plate, and as long as I have mashed potatoes and corn pudding and homemade applesauce and cranberry bread and pumpkin bread and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and maybe pie, I’ll be happy enough this Thanksgiving. I’ll give you the full report on what we ate and whether I made anyone try the non-turkey after the holiday.


4 Responses to “Veg Adventures: Turkey Time”

  1. birdmaddgirl Says:

    how was your holiday weekend? it’s weird because i marked a one-month return to meat eating with turkey day. my body still seems to be able to process it reasonably well (haven’t gotten really ill, which i’m glad of) but man do i feel WEIGHED DOWN. this whole integrity thing causes me to make some interesting choices that i’m not sure i’ll agree with by the end, but that’s what experimentation is for.


    • R. H. Ward Says:

      Interesting that the main thing you feel is weighed down. Let me know how it goes! My holiday weekend was good – the Quorn Turk’y was okay, but I don’t think I’ll get it again. Side dishes are where it’s at. 🙂

      • birdmaddgirl Says:

        all about the side dishes forever! people keep asking if i will stay with meat after my trip to argentina – no fricking way. it’s not exciting to have it back in my diet (and i figure if i were going to be excited about it, it would be right away). guess i should blog about it…. 😉

      • R. H. Ward Says:

        That’s really interesting – you’ve decided to add it back in because of the trip, but you’re not excited about it. That’s definitely a sign. I keep wondering if bacon would still taste as good as it smells, but I’m afraid to find out. I’ve navigated the hot dog transition pretty well and non-meat dogs are tasting “right” to me now, which doesn’t bode well if I ever wanted to go back to meat.

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