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2012: Year in Preview January 8, 2012

Last week, I looked back at 2011 to assess my progress and see how far I’ve come. Now it’s time to think ahead for the new year.

I definitely want to continue to pursue my yoga, to build myself as a business, to maintain the skills and knowledge I’ve built in the past year and keep growing. Here’s what I have planned:

  • Get registered with Yoga Alliance. (I started on this, and all I need to do to finish is to scan a copy of my graduation certificate to PDF, which I can hopefully get done this week.) After registering, look into yoga teacher insurance.
  • Turn this blog into an official website with a schedule and more information about me. Start a Facebook page for RoxDoesYoga separate from my personal FB to make it easier for yoga friends and potential students to find me.
  • Keep up my ties with EEY, the yoga center where I completed my training, by attending hatha yoga class there at least once per month. I also hope to attend any special events or workshops that come up, and teach as a sub there as opportunities arise.
  • Reach out to new studios and make connections with other local yoga teachers by attending at least one new yoga class per month. I’d love to start building a new yoga community a little closer to home than EEY and look into teaching opportunities with other yoga centers.
  • Keep teaching my weekly Front Porch Yoga class for private students at my home, at least for the next few months. This class will continue to be free, since these students are my friends and their interest in yoga and continued dedication to showing up at my house has provided me with invaluable teaching experience. For now, I really want to stay in practice as a teacher and not lose my confidence, and continuing the free Front Porch class will help me do that.
  • Begin exploring other yoga teaching opportunities. This is a little more vague, since I’m not sure what’s out there. Some ideas include teaching a discounted class for my neighbors at our town community center, or seeing if the dance studio in the next town over might be interested in starting a yoga program.
  • Continue to challenge myself with reading books on yoga and meditation, with a goal of one yoga-related book per month. Contact Yoga Journal and other related magazines to look into writing book reviews for publication.
  • Maintain my personal yoga practice. My goal is to fit in some sort of practice every day, whether it’s an hour-long class or three sun salutations. I want to work on practicing pranayama and meditation daily.
  • Continue this blog by posting 2-3 times per week. I figure all the goals and plans I’ve listed here will give me plenty to write about!
  • Look into and begin researching prenatal yoga.

Yeah, prenatal yoga. Because here at the yoga blog we’re expecting a yoga baby! For me, this makes the goals above even more important. I need to keep up my personal practice to get ready for giving birth and to keep my body healthy and strong as my pregnancy progresses. I need to rededicate myself to pranayama and meditation, in preparation for the birth but also to help me become the kind of mother I want to be. And I don’t want to give up my yoga dreams in the midst of fulfilling our dream of having a child. The baby’s scheduled for a July debut, so of course these plans and goals will get sidelined for a while mid-year, but I want 2012 to be a year with room for all the dreams.


10 Responses to “2012: Year in Preview”

  1. valerie thompson Says:

    congrats roxxxxx!!! (and fritz, too!!!!)

  2. Tori Says:


    Two things:

    1) Will you post your RoxDoesYoga FB link here once it’s up? I only have my personal FB, but I’d love to follow.

    2) I am about to (meaning the post is scheduled for Monday AM) nominate you for a Versatile Blogger Award. I enjoy reading your blog and in that light, if there is anything I can reasonably do to help you out, please let me know. 🙂

    • R. H. Ward Says:

      Yep! I’ll post the FB link here and I’ll add a sidebar button too. I figure the easier I make it to follow this blog, the more people will be able to find and read it!

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Angie Says:

    Congratulations, Roxanne! That’s so exciting that you’re expecting a baby! What great news to start the year! And congratulations on finishing your teacher training. I guess I haven’t checked in at your blog for a while so I hadn’t realized you were done. That’s great. Sounds like you have a clear plan with lots of goals–a good idea when bringing the minor chaos of a baby into the mix! It’s good to go into it with that mindset–keeping your own goals, interests, and self in an important place even when the baby arrives. Congratulations!

  4. birdmaddgirl Says:

    Let me know what you do about insurance – this is on my to-do list for when I return from FL!

    • R. H. Ward Says:

      Will do! I just filled out my Yoga Alliance forms today, so once I get the all-clear that I’m approved and registered, I’m planning to follow up on insurance. N says that we can get significantly discounted insurance rates through YA.

      • birdmaddgirl Says:

        I’m still waiting to be able to register with YA – certificate hold up due to studio move. Stuff is in boxes!

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