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Etsy: home to all kinds of handmade yoga stuff October 3, 2012

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If you’re a yoga fan, you probably need a bag to tote your mat to class. You can get pretty decent yoga mat bags at stores like Target, but you can also find some really fun, handmade bags on My current yoga mat bag was made by Jackie, whose shop XcessRize has bags made from a variety of fabrics and cool prints. I love my bag – it not only holds my mat, but also has enough room for a change of clothes, and it has several pockets to store small items like jewelry (great for ID, keys, or when my necklace keeps smacking me in the face during downward dog). There are tons and tons of Etsy sellers who offer similar bags in different styles and patterns – just search for “yoga mat bag” and see all the fun stuff that comes up!

Another shop I love on Etsy is Yogaworks. Sarah makes lots of different things, including yoga mat bags, but I love her scented savasana eye pillows. Really relaxing!

My husband has found lots of fun yoga-related jewelry pieces on Etsy that have made great gifts. I have a small collection of pendants made from Scrabble tiles: the side facing out is painted with art, and you can flip it over to see that it was originally an E. I have one that looks like this and another like this (not sure if those are the sellers who made my pendants, but these pieces are just as pretty). I’ve seen some really cool jewelry designed around yoga poses, the Om symbol, you name it. Etsy is a great place to find pretty things that display your yoga love (and a great resource for spouses on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries!).