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Yoga: The Art of Transformation May 31, 2013

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Yoga: The Art of Transformation


I’ve been taking a bit of a blog break this week after traveling for the Memorial Day holiday, but I just found out about this and had to share: the Smithsonian will be running a ground-breaking special exhibit called Yoga: The Art of Transformation this fall. I haven’t had time to look at the materials in-depth yet, but the planned exhibit looks amazing. I’m excited because I have a potential business trip to DC on the calendar for this fall and so I might actually be able to view the exhibit in person – but even if I can’t see it myself, they’re planning an in-depth online exhibit as well.

The Smithsonian is hoping to crowdfund most of the costs, so if you’re feeling so inclined, check out their fundraising page!


Today’s Link: Half Moon Pose and the Writer’s Split Consciousness April 19, 2012

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Today I was impressed by this beautiful nonfiction/memoir piece over on the Ploughshares website: Half Moon Pose and the Writer’s Split Consciousness. As many of you know, I’m not only a yoga teacher, I’m also a writer and poet, so I’m especially interested by the intersections of yoga with creative writing (and creativity, period). I think Jamie Quatro has done some interesting work here in relating the way she thinks about half moon pose to the way she thinks about her writing and her life.