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Beginners’ One-Hour Class Sequence May 16, 2011

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The sequence below would be appropriate for a beginners’ one-hour class. I practiced and timed this sequence earlier this week. For most poses, I held the pose for a count of seven of my breaths (a beginning student would be likely to have shorter breaths than I do; my breath tends to be shorter than N’s or J’s, so they’d probably count each pose at five breaths to my seven, while a beginner might count eight or ten breaths, or just hang on until it’s over!).

  • child’s pose
  • rabbit pose
  • cat/dog tilt
  • side stretches
  • downward dog; transition to standing
  • half sun salutes X 4
  • class sun salutations with lunges X 2
  • mountain pose
  • vinyasa (transition to wide-leg standing poses)
  • warrior 1
  • warrior 2
  • radiant warrior
  • triangle pose
  • revolved triangle
  • head-to-knee pose
  • pigeon pose
  • one-legged downward dog
  • vinyasa
  • repeat wide-legged standing pose sequence (warrior 1 to pigeon) on the other side
  • vinyasa; transition back to mountain pose
  • tree pose
  • paschimottanasana (seated forward fold)
  • if time allows: cobbler pose
  • if time allows: seated twist
  • if time allows: camel or bridge
  • inversion: legs-up-the-wall or shoulderstand
  • fish pose
  • sivasana
  • brief meditation

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