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Aerial Yoga: closer to home in Skippack, PA November 3, 2011

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Last month I posted about anti-gravity yoga classes in NYC. Then last week, my mom sent me a newspaper clipping showing people doing “Unnata Aerial Yoga” right around the corner from her, at Moyo Yoga Studio in Skippack, PA.

From their description, Unnata Aerial Yoga sounds a lot like the anti-gravity yoga in NY, and the photo from the newspaper article looks very similar, but their description sounds a lot more yogic than that NY studio’s description.  Unfortunately they don’t have a photo of their aerial yoga class on their website, and I searched the newspaper’s website but they didn’t post the photo either. But, even better, there’s a video of the class on youtube!

After watching that, now I totally want to try this. Seeing it in action is a lot different from seeing a photo where it just looks intimidating. Maybe this would help me get past my headstand/handstand fears. And Saturday at 12:30pm would actually be a doable time for me to get up there (especially if I were going to visit my mom anyway). I’m very tempted to check it out!


4 Responses to “Aerial Yoga: closer to home in Skippack, PA”

  1. birdmaddgirl Says:

    i am DYING to try aerial yoga. stupid ankle injury. hmpf.

    • R. H. Ward Says:

      But if the ankle’s up in the air, would it really be a problem? Or is the ankle keeping you from all yogas?

      • birdmaddgirl Says:

        i’ve been doing some yoga, but i’m not at full speed. i can hang in a vinyasa or forrest or ashtanga class where i know generally what the shape of a class is & can catch myself up or skip as needed. with aerial, i don’t know what to expect, so i might push myself into something before i realize it’s past my limit. ’tis a temporary injury & should be cleared up in a month or so anyway. just annoying to wait it out. (translation: lesson in patience!)

      • R. H. Ward Says:

        Ah, yoga: teaching us to look at all our hardships and figure out what we’re supposed to be learning!

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