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Humor: Yoga Girl December 2, 2011

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All my posts this week have been pretty heavy on the spirituality, so let’s take a little break. I bring you “Yoga Girl”. I love this video for mostly-accurate use of and hilarious rhyming with yoga terminology!



(And if you haven’t seen this guy’s Whole Foods Parking Lot video, it’s just as funny.)


6 Responses to “Humor: Yoga Girl”

  1. Awesome – check out this one too:

  2. Tori Says:

    Clearly created by someone who’s never had to use a yoga mat in self-defense. :/

    • R. H. Ward Says:

      True, maybe, but at least the yoga girls have the upper hand throughout.

      • Tori Says:

        I disagree. It comes across as really objectifying to me.

      • R. H. Ward Says:

        I’m sorry you felt that way. To me it seemed silly and fun – I’d never want to promote something I felt was objectifying. The guy who shows up a few minutes in (at around 2:25) did strike me as kind of offensive, but I perceived it as being more of a caricature of “creepy yoga guy” than an honest statement.

  3. birdmaddgirl Says:

    hi-larious. good mix of humor & accuracy. i mean, who doesn’t use “namaste” as a polite-sounding screw off once in a while? 😉

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