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Yoga Link Round-Up August 1, 2014

I’ve been collecting links for a while, so here’s a link round-up!

  • Mother and 4-Year-Old Daughter Take Impressive Pictures Of Their Yoga Poses: I linked this in a recent post about practicing yoga with YB, but I just can’t get over this. It makes me a little teary, actually. I love these photos: I love the joyful looks on their faces, I love the little girl’s obvious commitment to each pose, I love their matching pants. I would love to do a photo shoot like this with my YB someday, but clearly I need to step up my game because there are some arm balances here that I just can’t pull off. 🙂
  • A Selection from the Hammer Museum at UCLA’s Contemporary Collection: Katie Grinnan’s Mirage: To create this fascinating sculpture, Grinnan “cast multiple molds of her body executing a sun salutation”. I find the piece exhilarating, exciting, and also a little creepy.
  • The Strength-Building Yoga Pose That Tons of People Do Wrong: Related to sun salutations, I love this informative video from superstar yogini Kathryn Budig on how to chaturanga properly without hurting yourself.
  • Bending the Rules to Offer Yoga With a Beer Chaser: My father-in-law sent me the link to this NYT article about yoga classes in breweries, offering a beer tasting after class. While I love both yoga and craft beer, I’m really not sure how I feel about this. I find that yoga, like running or dancing or working out, makes me feel fresh and healthy and connected to my body; afterwards I typically want a glass of water, a banana, a salad, a smoothie. I just don’t feel like beer would taste right after a yoga practice – but believe me, I’d try it! And I think it’s fantastic that classes like this are leading people to yoga and helping them build a practice that can extend beyond the brewery.
  • Yoga Every Damn Day: My husband sent me the link to this piece about how, when we’re dealing with other issues in our lives and can’t make it to the yoga mat, we’re still practicing yoga every damn day. I don’t know Angela Arnett but I admire her strength and calm in this piece.
  • Pope Francis Reveals Secrets of Happiness: Can I tell you how much I love Pope Francis? He seems to be so full of kindness and peace, focused on loving and helping and supporting people. Everything he lists here is also discussed by Matthieu Ricard, former scientist and Buddhist monk, in his book Happiness, and seems to be in agreement with everything I’ve ever heard or read from the Dalai Lama, including the concepts discussed in The Art of Happiness. When the Catholic Pope and the Dalai Lama agree about how you should live your life, I feel like there’s something right happening.
  • And finally, for your giggle for the day: Men in Yoga Pants.

Link Round-Up March 12, 2014

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For today, here are some interesting recent links:

  • An Antidote for Mindlessness: I love seeing scientific evidence to support meditation and mindfulness practice – and this one is in the New Yorker!
  • A Happy Life May Not Be a Meaningful Life: This article looks at a recent study comparing people’s perceptions of a happy life with those of a meaningful one. People tend to perceive the expected sorts of things as bringing happiness: good health, a carefree lifestyle, having enough money. However, those things don’t give our lives meaning – things like spending time with loved ones, putting in effort even on mundane tasks, and giving to others make our lives meaningful.
  • Here’s Looking at You: Yoga, Fat & Fitness: I love this writer’s attitude about bodies practicing yoga! I’d love to take a class with her.
  • 20 Ludicrous Things Said by Yoga Teachers: This made me laugh SO HARD. There are some things yoga teachers say that no one else would ever think of. But I love the thighbones as rainbows spiraling outward, and I’m totally stealing “Shine your collarbones”.
  • 7 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants to Tell You: I love these tips from yoga teacher Kathryn Budig – a fun quick read. My favorite is what she has to say to people who think they need to be flexible to do yoga – I’m totally stealing this response!

All of my peeps do yoga April 2, 2013

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I hope you all had a happy Easter, a great Passover, or a pleasant spring holiday of your choice. (For more yoga peeps, check out this and this.)


What to really expect at your first yoga class March 21, 2013

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I love this fun snarky post by Rob Pollak: What to really expect at your first yoga class. Accurate in many ways, especially “you will have no idea what is happening” , and I love the ending. Because no matter how confusing, weird, and embarrassing yoga may seem the first time you try it, it’s totally worth sticking with it.


Yoga + Dinosaurs = Funny. May 18, 2012

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Another yoga joke for you on a Friday afternoon…

T-Rex Hates Chaturanga

(Thanks to YogaDawg!)


yogi humor May 14, 2012

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I took the Dalai Lama out for pizza once. He went up to the counter and said, “Make me one with everything.”

Ba-dump bump!

(I am ridiculously pleased by this joke (which I read on Facebook, so thank you, Roger) because it involves both the Dalai Lama and pizza, two things that are awesome! But it’s not as funny when you say it out loud. Just ask F. He didn’t get it.)


Star Wars Yoga March 1, 2012

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This is fantastic: Star Wars Characters in Various Yoga Poses. Goddess pose may not be that well known, but heck, storm troopers do it! Also, I would totally love to hang up that print of ardha chandrasana (half moon pose). Use the tapas, Luke!


Humor: Yoga Girl December 2, 2011

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All my posts this week have been pretty heavy on the spirituality, so let’s take a little break. I bring you “Yoga Girl”. I love this video for mostly-accurate use of and hilarious rhyming with yoga terminology!



(And if you haven’t seen this guy’s Whole Foods Parking Lot video, it’s just as funny.)


Yoga Humor: Top 15 Yogi Excuses for Not Getting That Thing Done at Work September 30, 2011

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In lieu of actual generated-by-me content today, please check out this hilarious post from RecoveringYogi. Funny because (1) it’s so true and (2) we wish we could actually say this stuff at the office… #1 and #2 are my favorites, but I also love #15.


Yoga in the News: Yoga, Annoying? Surely Not! September 10, 2011

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Just spotted this article: Annoying? Yoga? Surely Not! I feel like I ought to be offended but instead I think it’s hilarious. Because we yoga people do all of this stuff. We hug too much and use yoga vocabulary that sounds silly and talk about how the universe has plans for us. Definitely keep your flip flops handy, but keep coming back too.

(Tagging this post with my “yoga for beginners” tag, because this is stuff that beginners should know in addition to the useful things I posted about before!)