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Yoga in the News: Yoga, Annoying? Surely Not! September 10, 2011

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Just spotted this article: Annoying? Yoga? Surely Not! I feel like I ought to be offended but instead I think it’s hilarious. Because we yoga people do all of this stuff. We hug too much and use yoga vocabulary that sounds silly and talk about how the universe has plans for us. Definitely keep your flip flops handy, but keep coming back too.

(Tagging this post with my “yoga for beginners” tag, because this is stuff that beginners should know in addition to the useful things I posted about before!)


One Response to “Yoga in the News: Yoga, Annoying? Surely Not!”

  1. Tori Says:

    The hugging thing has always weirded me out. By nature, I’m not really a touchy sort of person, though I’ve accustomed myself to sort of “arms only” hugs over time. (Where the only contact is arms-to-arms or maybe arms-to-shoulders.) But that still doesn’t totally prepare me for full-on “I haven’t seen you in aaaageees!” hugs between weekly classes. 😛

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