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Yoga Myths Dispelled at HuffPo July 23, 2013

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Love this post for those new to yoga over at Huffington Post: 5 Things About Yoga That Just Aren’t True (And The Cats To Prove It). Some excellent dispelling of yoga myths (i.e., if you’re not flexible, that means you should take yoga, not that you shouldn’t!). Nice to see this on a site with such a wide audience. (And the cats are pretty cute too.)


What to really expect at your first yoga class March 21, 2013

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I love this fun snarky post by Rob Pollak: What to really expect at your first yoga class. Accurate in many ways, especially “you will have no idea what is happening” , and I love the ending. Because no matter how confusing, weird, and embarrassing yoga may seem the first time you try it, it’s totally worth sticking with it.


Yoga 101 January 29, 2013

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In this interesting blog post on the YogaJournal website, Erica Rodefer Winters brings it back to the basics for those who are completely new to yoga. What’s the deal with that mat, and what does “yoga” mean anyway? I tried to tackle some of these basic questions in my series on yoga for beginners. What other things do yoga newbies need to know?


5 ways to stick to yoga goals January 11, 2013

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I’m delighted with Rambling Yogini’s first post of 2013, 5 ways to stick to yoga goals. It’s a nice realistic way of looking at keeping your new year resolutions, and it made me, at least, feel a little bit optimistic about my yoga practice for the new year.


An Open Letter to Yoga Teachers November 27, 2012

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Today I’m sharing a post from AnytimeYoga: An Open Letter to Yoga Teachers. I agree with everything Tori lists here, because these are not only reasonable things to request, they’re reasonable things to expect. When I was actively teaching, these were things I tried to do, and I think I succeeded at least some of the time (although I haven’t been trained to use props so I teach with them only rarely). I think these are great reminders for any yoga teacher. Further, they’re a list of things that those new to yoga ought to know are reasonable things to want from a class and a teacher.

When I was a new yoga student, sometimes I felt something was strange but couldn’t articulate what it was, or thought it was just a “yoga thing”. But if you feel uncomfortable, and what’s happening is something Tori has described in her Open Letter, then that’s not a “yoga thing”, and it’s not cool. You deserve better, so either ask the instructor about it, or try a different yoga class. You and your unique body and your unique needs are welcome in yoga, and a good yoga teacher will make you feel that way.


Yoga Tips for Beginners: 5 Myths About Yoga Teachers March 21, 2012

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Loving this post today from Rambling Yogini: 5 Myths About Yoga Teachers. When we find a yoga teacher we like, it can be very easy to put that person up on a pedestal and forget that he or she is a normal human being. I know I’ve gotten caught up in some of these myths before – when they’re dispelled, it can be heartening (like learning that J loves hockey almost as much as yoga), but it can also be painful when you expect something of your yoga teacher than he or she can’t provide. It can even be physically painful if the advice or adjustments aren’t what your body needs. Thanks to Rambling Yogini for putting some of these myths out there and setting the record straight.


Yoga in the News: Yoga, Annoying? Surely Not! September 10, 2011

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Just spotted this article: Annoying? Yoga? Surely Not! I feel like I ought to be offended but instead I think it’s hilarious. Because we yoga people do all of this stuff. We hug too much and use yoga vocabulary that sounds silly and talk about how the universe has plans for us. Definitely keep your flip flops handy, but keep coming back too.

(Tagging this post with my “yoga for beginners” tag, because this is stuff that beginners should know in addition to the useful things I posted about before!)