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Yoga 101 January 29, 2013

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In this interesting blog post on the YogaJournal website, Erica Rodefer Winters brings it back to the basics for those who are completely new to yoga. What’s the deal with that mat, and what does “yoga” mean anyway? I tried to tackle some of these basic questions in my series on yoga for beginners. What other things do yoga newbies need to know?


2 Responses to “Yoga 101”

  1. What’s the difference between the different types of classes (hatha, vinyasa, etc)? I’m trying to get back into yoga — I’ve researched studios and times, but the styles confuse me.

    • R. H. Ward Says:

      I did a quick search to see if I could find a good quick-reference for you and I found these two posts. Hatha yoga should be your straight-up basic yoga (all yoga is technically hatha), but different teachers can mean different things when they say “hatha”, so read the description if there is one. Vinyasa yoga will be very physically active with a lot of movement, flowing fairly quickly from one pose to the next. The same with power yoga or ashtanga. Are you seeing other names of styles? Basically I’d say that if you’re trying to ease back into yoga, go to a hatha, beginners, gentle, or slow-flow class. If you want a kickass workout, go to a vinyasa, power, ashtanga, or all-levels class. Let me know if you have other questions (or send me the link to what you’re looking at), I’m happy to help.

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