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An Open Letter to Yoga Teachers November 27, 2012

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Today I’m sharing a post from AnytimeYoga: An Open Letter to Yoga Teachers. I agree with everything Tori lists here, because these are not only reasonable things to request, they’re reasonable things to expect. When I was actively teaching, these were things I tried to do, and I think I succeeded at least some of the time (although I haven’t been trained to use props so I teach with them only rarely). I think these are great reminders for any yoga teacher. Further, they’re a list of things that those new to yoga ought to know are reasonable things to want from a class and a teacher.

When I was a new yoga student, sometimes I felt something was strange but couldn’t articulate what it was, or thought it was just a “yoga thing”. But if you feel uncomfortable, and what’s happening is something Tori has described in her Open Letter, then that’s not a “yoga thing”, and it’s not cool. You deserve better, so either ask the instructor about it, or try a different yoga class. You and your unique body and your unique needs are welcome in yoga, and a good yoga teacher will make you feel that way.


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