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Yoga Tips for Beginners: 5 Myths About Yoga Teachers March 21, 2012

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Loving this post today from Rambling Yogini: 5 Myths About Yoga Teachers. When we find a yoga teacher we like, it can be very easy to put that person up on a pedestal and forget that he or she is a normal human being. I know I’ve gotten caught up in some of these myths before – when they’re dispelled, it can be heartening (like learning that J loves hockey almost as much as yoga), but it can also be painful when you expect something of your yoga teacher than he or she can’t provide. It can even be physically painful if the advice or adjustments aren’t what your body needs. Thanks to Rambling Yogini for putting some of these myths out there and setting the record straight.


3 Responses to “Yoga Tips for Beginners: 5 Myths About Yoga Teachers”

  1. birdmaddgirl Says:

    Thanks for the kind words and for reblogging! *blush*

  2. David Says:

    She speaks truth. I teach in a studio with about eight other teachers, and we’re all quite different in the usual external ways. However, I’d say that we’re alike in that we’re all pretty sane, and that we love yoga and want to share it. The community of students and teachers at the studio is one big love fest. And nobody’s head is getting turned by the happy students.

    Students should be able to count on their teachers to do their very best. I’ll guess that most yoga teachers do that very thing. Students as with people in any situation need to keep their eyes open. Teachers need to be careful of an adulation gap – a reverent overestimation of the teacher based on… well, I don’t know what all causes this, but we’ve seen it happen. If we all keep it real we’ll all be practicing good yoga. Thanks for re-blogging the excellent post, Rox. Like you said, smart stuff.

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