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Links: Why Yoga Teacher Training February 29, 2012

Filed under: teacher training,yoga — R. H. Ward @ 2:28 pm

A friend sent me this link: Why Am I In Yoga Teacher Training?, by Brad Rourke. I really liked his thoughtful approach and consideration of the different factors that led him to yoga in the first place and ultimately towards wanting to teach. Brad’s path and mine are different, and my yoga is different from his yoga, but what we have in common is a love of yoga, regardless of style, and a thoughtful approach. We both began our training with an understanding of why we were there and a serious attitude about what we wanted to learn. I wish him the best of luck!

In other news, East Eagle Yoga is still signing up students for their 2012 yoga teacher training. Trainees must sign up by March 1, which is tomorrow! I hope they get a good group this year. It’s so interesting to look back on where I was just over a year ago and why I signed up for teacher training. I’ve learned so much since then.