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15-Minute Sequences: Seated August 15, 2013

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My current project is to write ten brief yoga sequences. Each sequence can be done in 15-20 minutes, and each sequence follows a different theme. Today’s Seated sequence probably runs 10-12 minutes instead of 15, but consider taking an extra-long hold in each pose to maximize your enjoyment. Begin in a comfortable seated posture (cross-legged if you’re able, but it’s more important to sit comfortably), and keep your tush planted for the entire routine.

My playlist: self-titled album by Lotus

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2 Responses to “15-Minute Sequences: Seated”

  1. colgore Says:

    I literally had to design a 10 minutes hip opening sequence for someone this morning. Weird. I just read your hip opening one (oh the poses I forgot!). It’s perfect. For some reason I find it so hard to come up with short sequences. A 60-90 minute one is no problem. It’s hard to get in the warm-up, main poses, and wind down in a short time period. I may have to use some of your ideas in the future.

    • R. H. Ward Says:

      Feel free to steal – that’s what I’m posting them for! I’m really glad you liked the hip one. I’m finding planning short sequences to be challenging, but it’s also kind of intellectually stimulating to figure out how to include helpful poses with a warm-up and cool-down and make the transitions feel natural instead of awkward.

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