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15-Minute Sequences: Morning Energy Burst! August 19, 2013

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My current project is to write ten brief yoga sequences (I’m over halfway there!). Each sequence can be done in 15-20 minutes, and each sequence follows a different theme. Today’s sequence, Morning Energy Burst!, loosens up the body and gets the blood flowing with some sun salutations – perfect for your sunrise practice! Take your time and match each movement in the sun salutation to a long, deep, even breath, and hold the lunges for at least five breaths on each side. A great way to start the day!

  • begin standing in mountain pose
  • 2 half salutes
  • one sun salutation with low lunges
  • one sun salutation with high lunges
  • 2-4 basic sun salutations
  • mountain pose
  • toe balance squat
  • camel pose
  • seated neck rolls
  • seated side stretches
  • three deep breaths with hands folded at heart’s center
My playlist: Bhagavan Das, “Shiva Gospel” from the album Now, or Beats Antique, “Egyptic” and “Runaway”, the first few tracks on Blind Threshold

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