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15-Minute Sequences: Neck, Back, Shoulders August 21, 2013

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My current project is to write ten brief yoga sequences. Each sequence can be done in 15-20 minutes, and each sequence follows a different theme. Today’s sequence focuses on the Neck, Back, and Shoulders. Since I’ve been practicing these sequences first thing in the morning, I often find I want to stretch out these areas before starting my day.

  • begin in a comfortable seated position
  • neck rolls
  • neck warm-ups (as described here)
  • shoulder rolls
  • side stretches
  • cat/cow
  • downward dog
  • standing forward fold
  • mountain pose
  • 2 half sun salutes
  • standing rabbit (like #4 here, with a forward bend)
  • come to the floor for camel pose
  • upward plank
  • seated forward fold
  • marichyasana (take the twist, then unwind for a forward fold)
  • in a comfortable seated position, take five deep breaths
My playlist: the album Putomayo Presents Yoga

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