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15-Minute Sequences: Strength August 26, 2013

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My current project is to write ten brief yoga sequences. Each sequence can be done in 15-20 minutes, and each sequence follows a different theme. I designed today’s sequence, Strength, to focus primarily  on upper body strength, as well as core and legs.

  • child’s pose
  • dolphin pose
  • dolphin plank
    • feel free to move back and forth between dolphin and dolphin plank several times to really feel the effects of these poses!
  • downward dog
  • standing forward fold
  • mountain pose
  • 2 half sun salutes
  • 2 basic sun salutations  (emphasizing a hold in plank pose and lowering down slowly into chaturanga)
  • standing sequence (taking a vinyasa after each pose):
    • warrior 1
    • warrior 2
    • extended side angle pose
    • repeat the sequence on the other side
    • after the last vinyasa, stay in downward dog
  • side plank
  • downward dog
  • crow pose
  • seated forward fold
  • in a comfortable seated position, take five deep breaths (or three-part breaths)

Note: Due to family circumstances this past week, I still haven’t practiced this sequence myself – if you try it, let me know how it goes!

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